Leadership in Video Games and Film: Our First Hangout

Apologies – the video is missing the first few seconds.

Last week I held my first google hangout on air to discuss leadership in video games and film.  I was joined by Marc Horsfield, a Production Technology Supervisor in Film.  He was also my lead at 3 separate companies.  I was always impressed with how he lead his teams.  Over the course of an hour we chatted about what it means to be a lead and more specifically what kind of things you should be thinking about in the first couple of months of becoming a lead.  The hangout on air allowed others to watch the broadcast live and ask questions through the Q&A app.  I think for our first attempt it worked out quite well.  We covered some of the basics about being a lead.  We answered a bunch of questions that viewers had posted.

Afterwards we both agreed that we could have gone deeper on some of the topics and probably missed a couple as well.  We’ll definitely be having a follow up and I’m hoping to make it a little more inclusive where other people can share their views and questions though a hangout.

You can listen and download the audio below.


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